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When you want to have the great tasting Italian gelato machine you may find that it can be rather difficult and could lead to you having to go to the stores that serve this item. That is when you should realize that you can find many different benefits by owing your own gelato machine. Once you are aware of the benefits of owning this machine you will see just how wonderful it is and nice it can be to have your own item that can make this sweet treat.

One benefit of owning this item is that you can make the food yourself. When you can make the food yourself you will know what exactly is going into it. Then you will not have to worry about any of the items that are inside of the food causing you to have an allergic reaction.

Another benefit that you will discover is that you can often experiment with the items that you make and twist it around to match your own taste. When you want to change the taste of the foods and ask for this at a restaurant you may get told that this is not possible. However, owning your own item you can change around the foods that go into the items to ensure that you have a food that you want to have.

Something else that you will enjoy is that you should save money by not having to go out to get this item all the time. When you purchase this item you should see that it is possible to save quite a bit of money because you will be staying home having this sweet treat. Then you will not have to worry about the cost of gasoline or the cost of the item going up at the store that you normally purchase it from.

Being able to find the perfect gelato machine can be a challenge. However, once you are aware of the benefits of these items you will see just how wonderful it is to own one. Then you can finally start to see that the expense of this machine is not that high when you weigh all the money that you will save by using it.

Psst…want to know what’s even better than ice cream? Gelato, of course! Why? Ounce per ounce, gelato has significantly less fat than ice cream. Compared with regular, American-style ice cream, which goes at 10-18% butterfat, gelato makers add in 4-8% butterfat when making gelato. The fat-stinginess of the gelato maker is great news for those of us who are trying to limit our fat intake.

Additionally, gelato’s low fat content means that, when you eat it, you get to taste other things besides just the fat. Regular ice cream coats your tongue with fatty acids, tryglycerides, and sometimes even trans fat. These fats block the flavors from reaching your taste buds. Regardless of whether the ice cream is packed with strawberries, pistachios, espresso, or exotic ingredients like green tea, if fat hits your tongue first, all those delicious flavors will go unappreciated.

However, it’s not just the low fat content of gelato that makes it so great. Because of the way that the gelato maker mixes the concoction, gelato contains much less air space than regular ice cream. By volume, gelato contains 35% air, with a premium gelato maker like Ciao Bella packing in only 20% air. In contrast, regular ice cream contains 55% air volume or even more. Why is this significant? Because more air means significantly less flavor.

Why is there so much air in ice cream? In order to answer this question, think back to the fat percentage of regular ice cream. If you take any liquid mixture (which is how ice cream starts out) that contains almost 20% fat, and then you freeze that mixture, guess what happens? You get a solid piece of rock! For this reason, as much air as possible is whipped into the ice cream slurry before it is frozen. The air that is nestled between the pockets of fat maintains the ice cream in a semi-soft state. This is also why, if you happen to let your box of ice cream melt in the car and then re-freeze it, you get a solid chunk of non-servable cement back.

Gelato, on the other hand, does not have this problem. Consisting of minimal fat, it is best maintained at temperatures just at or above freezing (for example, 30F). There are special gelato freezers used by gelato makers and gelato machines that maintain gelato at this temperature. This is also why, if you buy gelato to take home, you should store it in the warmest place of your freezer, such as the side shelf.

Because gelato does not require actual freezing, it is not as cold, and thus more flavorful, when it hits your tongue. Really cold ice cream, which is sometimes served at -20F, tends to numb the taste buds. You can probably think of at least a few individuals in your life that let their ice cream warm up to the point of melting- and for good reason. With gelato, there is no need to wait. Your gelato maker has already made sure that your gelato comes naturally warmed up and ready to eat. And best of all, your gelato contains a lot less fat.

You may have noticed that most premium brand gelato is rather expensive. Not to worry: you can make your own healthful gelato using a simple gelato maker. The gelato maker, which is also called a gelato machine, is small and compact. The gelato maker carries an onboard gelato freezer, and best of all, allows you to save money on gelato. The basic ingredients for making gelato are also simple and inexpensive: sugar, milk, and fruit are the staples of any good and healthy gelato.

What is gelato…?

Gelato, the Italian word for “frozen” is the name given to an ice cream-like frozen dessert composed mainly of milk, sugar, cream, and whatever ingredients it is flavored with. This can be anything from fruit to chocolate, or more recently some less traditional flavors such as tiramisu or even bubblegum.

Although commonly confused with what most of us consider American ice cream, gelato is not to be mistaken for its “American” counterpart. The history of gelato dates back to the 16th century, where some believe that it was first created by Bernardo Buontalenti in Florence. Gelato did not become popular however, until the Sicilian Procopia dei Coltelli began selling it publicly when he opened a café in France.

Did you know…?

Manufacturers often add air to their ice cream after it is produced to make it lighter and fluffier than gelato, unfortunately, adding air also cuts back on the taste of the ice cream. Gelato however has very little air, which accounts for its richness in flavor.

While the gelato of northern Italy was produced using dairy products, the gelato of the hotter southern parts was traditionally produced using water and fruit. This came to be known as sorbetto, or sorbet.

Gelato requires a special freezer in order to maintain its creamy consistency since it is typically kept between 0°-6° Fahrenheit, about 10 degrees warmer than ice cream.

Gelato, although creamier and more flavorful than American ice cream actually has fewer calories and much less butter fat than ice cream. So have some gelato this month without having to worry about packing on summer pounds. Prego!

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Streamwood, Illinois’ Kool Technologies is a leading distributor of refrigerated restaurant equipment including soft serve ice cream machines, frozen custard machines, and their state of the art vertical batch freezer gelato machine [] by Stoelting. Stoelting’s gelato machines differ from the typical horizontal style because their vertical batch allows you to actually see what you are making.

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